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We Zhejiang Senlong Technology Co., Ltd located in Zhicheng industrial park ,Changxing ,Zhejiang, China. We focus on creating a professional operation team with a sound organizational structure which includes more than 20 professional employees. Moreover, more than 90% of staffs have a bachelor's degree or above, and generally have biopharmaceutical education or work background in the chemical industry, which builds a solid foundation for providing professional and efficient services in the pharmaceutical industry.

We have independent QA department to perform pre-audit, supporting regulations and registration. We provide valuable references for customers to select high-quality suppliers at early stage, provide professional corrections to suppliers, aiming to improve the quality system and avoid any surprise in future. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the professional capabilities, we often provide training staffs about regulations and quality systems for better supporting customers.

Senlong has established very good cooperation and business relations with hundreds of qualified manufacturers worldwide. Our products were exported to more than 15 countries
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